How Much Does SOC 2 Cost | A Guide Budgeting For SOC 2

Introduction to a guide that explains how much a SOC 2 compliance audit will cost

Below is a breakdown of every SOC 2 cost, including unexpected expenses and the time required from your staff. While we can’t tell you whether or not it’s right for your organization, we can tell you what you need to know - from both a cost and time perspective - if you decide to pursue it. Here is your SOC 2 compliance checklist. Expect the cost of an auditor for SOC 2 Type 1 to be in the $12k-$17k range. But the cost of the audit itself is just the beginning. You will need months of dedicated time from your existing staff or consultants. Once the audit is complete, you will have a laundry list of items to remediate, which may necessitate the purchase of additional tools and training as well. First, assign someone to own the SOC 2 process from start to finish. Expect this to become a full

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Why We Built Comply | Free SOC 2 Policy Templates

strongDM Founders introduce Comply an open source project for SOC 2 compliance

SOC 2 can be a daunting process. Policies are subjective; auditors avoid providing much guidance; advice on the internet is incomplete or vague. We decided to create Comply, an open source collection of policy templates that includes best practices. We hope it reduces the stress of SOC 2 and points fellow startups in the right direction. SOC 2 involves every team in the company — including many which don’t report to you. You need to inventory your existing tools/infrastructure, research best practices, define policies and procedures for your teams, build consensus, and ultimately persuade every team to adopt them. The process is inevitably accompanied by acute time pressure: a major Q4 deal, an impending IPO, or a life-changing partnership that depends on successfully completing your audit. Our team recently went through another SOC2 audit, and decided this time around we’d like to share some of our lessons learned. We compiled

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