To add Athena as a Datasource in the Admin UI, set the following configuration properties. For more information, see our main guide, Add a Datasource.

Configuration Properties

Add Athena Datasource Dialog
Add Athena Datasource Dialog
  • Display Name (Required): Enter a meaningful name for this resource (e.g., “amazon-mq”). This name will show up in the Admin UI.
  • Datasource Type (Required): Select Athena.
  • AWS Region (Required): Enter the AWS region where the database is being hosted (e.g., us-east-1).
  • Port Override: After this Datasource has been created, this field will be automatically filled with a port between 1024-59999 that is not in use by another Datasource. You can optionally overwrite it with your own preferred port later in the Port Overrides settings.
  • Secret Store: If a secret store integration is configured, select where the credentials for this resource will be stored.
  • AWS Access Key ID (Required): Enter the access key ID that is configured for the database (e.g., AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE.
  • AWS Secret Access Key (Required): Type in the AWS secret access key associated with your AWS access key ID.
  • AWS S3 Output Location (Required): Enter the Amazon S3 output location (e.g., s3://aws-athena-query-results-123456789012-us-east-1/MyInsertQuery/2021/10/04/abc1234d-5efg-67hi-jklm-89n0op12qr34).
  • Assume Role ARN (Optional): Provide the role ARN (e.g., arn:aws:iam::000000000000:role/RoleName) to allow users accessing this resource to assume a role using AWS AssumeRole functionality. The Assume Role ARN is required when the Elasticsearch master user to be used by this Datasource is a Role ARN.
  • Assume Role External ID (Optional): Provide the external ID (e.g., 12345) if leveraging an external ID to users assuming a role from another account. Note that this is optional, but if used, it must be used in conjunction with Assume Role ARN. See the AWS Documentation on using External IDs for more information.
  • Resource Tags (Optional): Assign tags to the Datasource by entering key-value pairs in the format <KEY>=<VALUE> (e.g., env=dev, region=us-east-1, etc.).

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