MongoDB (Solo or Sharded)

Add datasource dialog
Add datasource dialog

If you need help adding a datasource, follow the main guide Add a Datasource. The following fields and configuration information are specific to this datasource type:

  • (Required) Enter the Hostname (which must be accessible to a gateway or relay).
  • (Required) Type in the name of the Authentication Database. This is the database that MongoDB users authenticate against, not the database to which you are granting access. In this example, it is 'sdmdb'; the MongoDB default is 'admin'.
  • (Required) Type in the Username that the relay will use to connect to the database, and the Password.
  • (Optional) If your MongoDB database is configured to require TLS, you can enable our driver to use a TLS connection with the 'TLS Required?' checkbox.

If any errors occur, please copy them into an email and send to

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