To add Redis as a Datasource in the Admin UI, set the following configuration properties. For more information, see our main guide, Add a Datasource.

Configuration Properties

Add Redis Datasource Dialog
Add Redis Datasource Dialog
  • Display Name (Required): Enter a meaningful name for this resource (e.g., “Redis”). This name will show up in the Admin UI.
  • Datasource Type (Required): Select Redis.
  • Hostname (Required): Enter the hostname. Note that it must be accessible to a Gateway or Relay.
  • Port (Required): Enter the port to connect to the resource (default: 6379).
  • Port Override: After this Datasource has been created, this field will be automatically filled with a port between 1024-59999 that is not in use by another Datasource. You can optionally overwrite it with your own preferred port later in the Port Overrides settings.
  • Secret Store: If a secret store integration is configured, select where the credentials for this resource will be stored.
  • Password (Required): the password that is configured for this Redis database.
  • Resource Tags (Optional): Assign tags to the Datasource by entering key-value pairs in the format <KEY>=<VALUE> (e.g., env=dev).

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