Add an SSH Server with a Customer-Managed Key

This feature is currently in closed-access beta. Functionality and documentation may change. Contact your CSM for more information.

  1. Generate your key.

    Note that if you use the AWS Secret Key Generator in Wizard Mode to generate your key, this can cause issues due to the line breaks it inserts. We recommend that if you use this generator, you do so in plain text mode.

  2. From the Servers section on the left-hand side, select add server. Choose SSH (Customer-Managed Key) as the Server Type and fill in the host's details.

  3. Paste in the key. You can do so either in plain text, or Base64 encoded, depending on the option you choose.

Adding your key to your hosts

If you have not already, add your public key to the targeted host.

  1. Open a command prompt on the server you're adding and edit the authorized keys file for the user specified during server setup. sudo vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  2. Append the public key you generated to the end of the file, save, and exit.
  3. Back in the Admin UI, click the 'update' button. You should see that the server in the list goes to a gray mode while the configuration is being applied and then to a green mode to indicate a successful health check.

If any errors occur, please copy them into an email and send to

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