Billing Page of the Admin UI

Last modified on May 30, 2023

The Billing page of the Admin UI displays billing information to users who have the Administrator permission level. The information on this page gives admins insight into how many licensed seats their organization is contracted for, and how many of those licenses are currently being used. The number of used licenses represents the users in your organization who are not currently suspended or deleted.

Information Displayed on the Billing Page About Licenses
Information Displayed on the Billing Page About Licenses

These metrics can give you insight into the amount of your contracted licenses that your organization is using. If your organization currently has more licenses used than are contracted, the number of used licenses shown on the Billing page indicates this.

For example, if 200 licenses are available and 293 licenses are being used, the Used Licenses value is 293 (93 more than licensed).

If there is a significant or persistent overage of licenses used, this overage may require an expansion of your organization’s contract.