Billing Information

Last modified on July 1, 2024

Billing information for your organization may be viewed in the Admin UI on the Billing page if you have the Administrator permission level. The Billing section provides information about licenses and used/billable licenses.

Licenses are the number of StrongDM users that your organization has paid for. Used/billable licenses are the StrongDM users and service accounts that are active or inactive, and are not suspended or deleted as of the date and time of the last update.

Example of Billing Information in Account Settings
Example of Billing Information in Account Settings

These metrics can provide insight into the number of contracted licenses that your organization has paid for versus the number of licenses that are actually being used. If your organization currently has more licenses used than are contracted, the number of used/billable licenses is shown. For example, if 100 licenses are paid for and 118 licenses are being used, the Used/Billable Licenses value is 118 (18 more than licensed).

If there is a significant or persistent overage of licenses used, this overage may require an expansion of your organization’s contract.