Code Garden

Last modified on March 24, 2023

The Code Garden is a software ecosystem maintained by “gardeners” that support projects and tools for leveraging the best results from the StrongDM platform. There are three project categories you will find in this community:

  • Code Snippets
  • Libraries or CLI Tools
  • Full Applications

Every project maintains its own repository and set of rules, self-contained documentation, license, contributing and support guidelines, and templates for submitting issues (bugs or feature requests).

Below are some of the currently active projects.


AccessBot is a chatbot that manages access to StrongDM resources, initially via Slack. Download the Docker image, create a Slack app, and you will be ready to start.

The bot supports different workflows that can be implemented according to your use case. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Manually approve all resources (default workflow)
  • Manually approve all resources, but auto approve a subset
  • Manually approve all resources, but exclude a subset
  • Manually approve all resources, but auto approve some and exclude others
  • Auto approve all
  • Auto approve all, but exclude a subset

Please refer to the AccessBot README file for more details about Support and Contribution.


The Contrib repository provides sample code created by StrongDM staff, customers, and others. This code may include shell scripts to use with the StrongDM CLI, code snippets written for StrongDM SDKs, Terraform templates, etc. Generally, this repository is organized by the task you are trying to accomplish (for example, you might look in “authentication” for items related to SSO).

An example of a project or script that we might link to in the Contrib repository is this contribution from Roblox. This example shows how to use StrongDM in a Nomad environment. The project includes sample Nomad job specifications and a sample Python utility for automation.

Please refer to the Contrib README file for more details about Support and Contribution.

Log Export Container

The Log Export Container is a Docker container that can be easily deployed and configured to export StrongDM query logs.

The container acts as a syslog concentrator. If you wish to export your StrongDM query logs to a third party logging service, you can use the container to do so.

  1. Configure the container for the appropriate target.
  2. Deploy the container.
  3. Configure your StrongDM gateways to log to a syslog destination, and set the destination as the address of the logging container.

The container uses fluentd for processing and routing your logs. Currently, it supports routing to a variety of services, including stdout, S3, CloudWatch, Splunk HEC and Datadog, among others. See the Log Export Container docs for a full current list of supported logging services, and guides for their implementation.

Please refer to the Log Export Container README file for more details about Support and Contribution.