Environment Variables

Last modified on May 24, 2024

The StrongDM command line recognizes environment variables to control and modify its functionality. This document details the available environment variables and their function.

SDM_ADMIN_TOKEN<JWT_TOKEN>An admin token or service account token to use for sdm authentication; if set, this token is used by StrongDM and there is no need to log in via the CLI or desktop app
SDM_EMAILSDM_EMAIL=email-address-value@example.comIf set, the specified email address is used automatically when using the sdm login command in the CLI
SDM_FALLBACK_DNS<DNS_ADDRESS>:<PORT>DNS address to use as a fallback if a call to app.strongdm.com fails; defaults to and can be set to 0 to disable fallback
SDM_HOME/path/to/homeThe location where sdm places its logs and keys; defaults to ~/.sdm; must be writable by the user running sdm
SDM_VERBOSEtrue|falseIf set, log verbosity is set to high for troubleshooting purposes

Variables for Gateways and Relays

The following variables are only for use with gateways and relays.

SDM_DISABLE_UPDATEBooleanIf set to true, disables auto-updates for relays
If true, logs go to STDOUT rather than sdm.log for Docker or Kubernetes deployments or for troubleshooting purposes; if stderr, logs go to STDERR
SDM_HOSTNAME_CURL_ADDRESSURIIf set within the StrongDM Gateway AMI in the userdata field at instance launch, the gateway reaches out to the specified address to determine its public hostname instead of the default AWS address
SDM_MAINTENANCE_WINDOW_STARTintegerIf set, schedules the hour of the day (0 to 23 UTC) when gateways and relays can terminate connections and restart (default: 7)
SDM_METRICS_LISTEN_ADDRESS:portIf set in the gateway or relay’s environment on port 9999, enables the gateway or relay to listen for metrics on the specified port
SDM_ORCHESTRATOR_PROBES:portIf set, enables the http://<GATEWAY OR RELAY IP>:port/liveness URL to check whether the gateway or relay is in good health
Overrides relay log encryption settings configured in the Admin UI
Overrides relay log format settings configured in the Admin UI
Overrides relay log storage settings configured in the Admin UI
SDM_RELAY_TOKEN<JWT_TOKEN>A gateway or relay token to use when invoking the sdm binary; normally not needed as this is entered when installing the gateway or relay