Last modified on June 1, 2023

This article describes the types of limits and quotas that your organization may encounter while using StrongDM.

Email Daily Quota

StrongDM’s email-sending layer has a daily quota system that restricts the number of emails that can be sent to users (for example, when inviting users to the organization or resetting user passwords) each day. Your organization may send no more than 500 emails per day.

If the quota is exceeded, operations in which sending emails is the primary result of the action (for example, sending a password reset email) then fail with an error message noting that quota has been exceeded. Other operations that send an email incidentally (for example, inviting a user to join the organization) don’t fail, but emails get dropped.

Situations that cause an email to be sent include the following:

This quota is in place to prevent misbehaving automation or other extenuating circumstances from degrading email services, and it should have no impact on your normal operations. Note that you may contact StrongDM Support to have your quota increased, if needed.