Last modified on December 4, 2023

The StrongDM installation process involves downloading and installing binary files for the StrongDM Desktop application, CLI, and relays or gateways. Users typically visit the Admin UI’s Download & Install page to download such files on their local computers. Admins, however, may also use StrongDM endpoints to download certain versions of StrongDM binaries and then verify their authenticity.

The Release endpoint can be used to download specific versions of binary files.

The Binary Verification endpoint can be used to display hash values that validate that the downloaded binary is genuine without revealing the file’s contents.

When the endpoints are called, they return JSON that contains the download URL of the requested binary file, SHA hash values for verifying the authenticity of the file, and various other details.

For user-specific installation instructions, please see our guides for Linux, macOS, or Windows.

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