Version Control

Last modified on January 12, 2024


The Version Control page of the Admin UI provides versioning information about all nodes and clients (StrongDM CLI), including node name or user name, node or CLI version number, any warnings given, when the node or CLI was registered, IP address, and last heartbeat.

In addition, Version Control is where StrongDM admins may view the current minimum supported version of the CLI and specify the minimum required version of the CLI.

Version Numbering

StrongDM increments versions as follows:

  • n.0-100.0 for each release (such as 32.97.0, 32.98.0, 32.99.0, 33.0.0)
  • a.b.1 for patch releases (such as 32.97.1)
  • Releases that are not mentioned in the Release Notes are internal and therefore not described. If looking at a list of releases from a particular software, this might result in the appearance of numbers missing from the sequence, such as 32.97.0, 32.98.0, 33.2.0, 33.3.0.

Minimum Supported Version

The minimum supported version of the StrongDM CLI is version 33.17.0. This version number is given at the top of the Version Control page.

If the user’s CLI version is below the minimum supported version, the CLI still functions but uses a deprecated authentication mechanism with a weak security profile. In addition, due to the use of the deprecated authentication mechanism, the CLI may fail to form linking or peering connections with other gateways at versions above version 33.17.0.

The user sees a warning message in the desktop app and/or CLI if their version is below the minimum supported version.

Minimum Required Version

The minimum required version is the version, if any, that the organization’s administrator(s) specify as the minimum required version for use. Setting a minimum allows admins to prevent users and nodes from accessing StrongDM if they are using a version older than the specified version.

It is optional to set a minimum required version. The default value is “no minimum.”

To change the minimum required version, click edit next to Minimum Required Version and enter the desired version number (for example, XX.YY.Z).

If the user’s CLI version is below the minimum required version, all non-essential operations are explicitly blocked until the user updates, and an error message is displayed in the CLI or desktop app.

Version Control Fields

The following table describes the fields on the Version Control page.

NameName of node or userAlice Glick or ecs-example-gateway
Actor TypeGateway, relay, or userUser
VersionVersion number of the node or CLI in format XX.YY.Z, or “unknown-local” if unknown38.50.0
WarningsAny existing warnings for the node or CLIUnknown version
Registered AtFor nodes, when the node was created; for users, when the user logged in to the CLI7 days ago
IPFor nodes, the node location of a node; for users, the IP address or “unknown”
Last HeartbeatFor nodes, the amount of time since the last heartbeat; for users, the amount of time since the last login9 seconds ago

Search and Filter

You can use search filters to narrow the list of nodes and users.

To use filters, type or copy/paste the following filters into the Search field, with or without other text. Do not use quotes or tick marks.

FilterDescriptionPossible valuesExample search
actorType:<VALUE>Shows the specified node and user authentication typeadmin-token, gateway, relay, service, useractorType:user finds CLI versioning information for all users.
hasWarnings:<BOOLEAN>Shows nodes and users that have warnings for the node or CLI (for example, “Unknown version”)true, falsehasWarnings:true finds the gateways, relays, and users that have a warning.
heartbeatAfter:<DATE_TIME>Shows gateways or relays whose last heartbeat was after a specified date or date range; use the calendar selector to choose the date or range; time is optional and may be edited in the Search field (if unchanged, the default time is 7:00 UTC)<YYYY-MM-DD>heartbeatAfter:2023-11-01T07:00:00.000Z finds all gateways and relays whose last heartbeat was after 7 a.m. on November 1, 2023.
onlyLatest:<BOOLEAN>Shows most recent logins (true) or all logins (false; default)true, falseonlyLatest:true finds the most recently used gateways and relays as well as the users who have logged in to the CLI recently.

Export CSV

Use the Export CSV button to export all rows or export filtered rows shown on the Version Control page.

Additional Information

See Client Versioning Information for examples of potential warnings or errors that users may experience in the desktop app or CLI if version requirements are not met.