Integration for ServiceNow

Last modified on May 1, 2024

StrongDM’s integration for ServiceNow allows your organization’s users to request access to StrongDM-managed resources from within your ServiceNow instance. This integration uses Access Workflows on the StrongDM side, enabling you to manage StrongDM access requests alongside your existing processes in ServiceNow.

This integration requires that you install StrongDM’s ServiceNow application from the ServiceNow Store. After installation, you will be given a sample Flow as well as a set of Flow Actions in Flow Designer from which you can build your own customer workflows to facilitate StrongDM access requests. We also provide a sample service catalog item in ServiceNow, which will allow your users to request StrongDM resources directly through ServiceNow.

Example of the Request StrongDM Resource Access Form in ServiceNow
Example of the Request StrongDM Resource Access Form in ServiceNow

After a request is made and then approved in ServiceNow, StrongDM is informed and access to the requested StrongDM resource is granted to the user by StrongDM. Access is automatically revoked by StrongDM at the end of the access grant’s duration.


To facilitate access requests through the ServiceNow integration, the following items are required:

  • Enterprise StrongDM subscription
  • StrongDM administrator account
  • Access to administer your organization’s ServiceNow instance, including the ability to install ServiceNow Store applications and use Flow Designer

Administrator Configuration

  1. Install the StrongDM integration from the ServiceNow Store.

  2. Set up an approval workflow in your StrongDM organization. In the StrongDM Admin UI, under Access > Approval Workflows, create a new approval workflow using the ServiceNow approval type, and then save it.

  3. Next, create an access workflow that uses the ServiceNow approval. Select Access > Access Workflows, and then create a new access workflow. Choose the roles that you wish to be able to request resources using this workflow and the resources you wish them to be able to request. Then select the approval workflow you just created as the approval option and save the access workflow.

  4. Follow the installation guide (available in the sidebar of the ServiceNow Store under “Supporting Links and Docs”) to enable the integration within StrongDM and configure the integration in your ServiceNow instance.