Integration for ServiceNow

Last modified on January 4, 2024

StrongDM’s integration for ServiceNow, when paired with the Access Workflows feature, allows your users to request access to StrongDM-managed resources via ServiceNow. Approvals for those requests can be managed in ServiceNow as well.

The ServiceNow integration with StrongDM results in StrongDM-managed resources becoming available within ServiceNow for users to request to access. Approval workflows are configured in ServiceNow. Upon approval of the access request in ServiceNow, StrongDM is informed and access to the requested StrongDM resource is granted to the user by StrongDM. Access is revoked by StrongDM at the end of the grant’s duration.


Integration of ServiceNow with StrongDM in order to facilitate access requests requires the following items:

  • An enterprise StrongDM subscription and an administrator account
  • Access to administer your organization’s ServiceNow instance, including new ServiceNow workflows and catalog items
  • The use of a workflow in StrongDM
  • An understanding of the resources you want to be available to personnel via ServiceNow and the individuals you wish to be able to approve access

Administrator Configuration

  1. Before the integration can be used, you need to connect StrongDM to your ServiceNow instance and grant permissions. To configure the integration for your organization, go to the Admin UI > Settings > Integrations and under ServiceNow, click Connect. You are prompted to input your ServiceNow instance URL. After doing so, click OK to then be shown your integration name, client ID, and client secret. Copy this information; the secret is not be retrievable once you leave this screen.

  2. Switch to your ServiceNow application, create the StrongDM - OAuth 2.0 entry in the Application Registry, and then test the credentials you just added. For more information about credentials setup in ServiceNow, please review the Installation Guide available in the sidebar of the ServiceNow Store page.

  3. Set up the resource access catalog in ServiceNow using client scripts. Instructions for this process are detailed in the Catalog Item Usage Guide available on the ServiceNow Store page.

  4. Once your ServiceNow integration is connected and your access catalog is configured in ServiceNow, you can then set up a workflow in the StrongDM Admin UI, choose the roles that you wish to be able to request resources, the resources you wish them to be able to request, and then select ServiceNow as the approval option. When using ServiceNow as the approval option, requests will be approved via the request flows you set up in ServiceNow and by approvers that you have set up in ServiceNow.