Environment Variables

The strongDM command line recognizes several environment variables to control and modify its functionality. This document details the available environment variables and their function.

SDM_HOME/path/to/homeThe location where sdm places its logs and keys. Defaults to ~/.sdm. Must be writable by the user running sdm.
SDM_ADMIN_TOKEN<JWT token>An admin token or service account token to use for sdm authentication. If this is in the environment, there is no need to log in via the CLI or GUI.
SDM_VERBOSEtrue|falseIf enabled, log verbosity will be set to high for troubleshooting purposes.

The following variables are only for use with relays and gateways.

SDM_RELAY_TOKEN<JWT token>A relay or gateway token to use when invoking the sdm binary. Normally not needed as this is entered when installing the relay/gateway.
SDM_ORCHESTRATOR_PROBES:portIf this is in the environment, the http://<gateway or relay ip>:port/liveness URL will be enabled to check whether the gateway/relay is in good health.
SDM_DOCKERIZEDtrue|false|stderrIf true, logs will go to STDOUT rather than sdm.log for Docker/Kubernetes deployments or for troubleshooting purposes. If stderr, logs will go to STDERR.
SDM_RELAY_LOG_STORAGEstdout|file|none|tcp://host:port|socket:///fullpath/Overrides relay log storage settings configured in Admin UI.
SDM_RELAY_LOG_ENCRYPTIONplaintext|pubkey:///pubkeyfullpath/file.pemOverrides relay log encryption settings configured in Admin UI.
SDM_RELAY_LOG_FORMATcsv|jsonOverrides relay log format settings configured in Admin UI.