StrongDM Desktop

Last modified on December 5, 2022

StrongDM Desktop is available for download on macOS and Windows. The main download package for both platforms includes a graphical user interface and a command-line utility, which can also be downloaded separately, and on Linux. You can only utilize the command-line interface (CLI) in a Linux environment.

All download options are available in the Admin UI, a web application that allows StrongDM administrators to manage your organization’s deployment. Once you install and log in to StrongDM, you can access the appropriate resources within your organization.

The CLI provides all of the resource connection functionality of the desktop app and many additional administrative tasks. For example, the CLI supports more robust log auditing features than the Admin UI web application. On the other hand, the Admin UI exposes critical deployment settings, such as single sign-on (SSO) configurations, user provisioning, and multi-factor authentication settings.

Generally, the desktop application and CLI automatically update as releases become available. The one exception is on Windows, where the CLI must be manually updated.

For more, check the following user installation guides: