Last modified on October 6, 2022

Websites combine a Server Type and a Base URL, Subdomain, and Path into a unified record.

When a User or Role is assigned a Website, that entity inherits the ability to access the Website via a proxy set up on their local device.

Example: Alice wishes to access an internal website, often for a build or CI tool, which was previously set up in strongDM as a Website. Alice sets up her strongDM user, which is then given permission to access the Website. She installs the proxy on her laptop, then is able to quickly access the site via the strongDM GUI.

Validation of the token is not strictly necessary since the connection will be coming through strongDM (and thus will already be authenticated and authorized), but if you wish to manually validate it, you may do so with the VerifyJWT method in the SDKs. Each SDK has a version of this function, which reports whether the given JWT token is valid.

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