sdm admin clouds update

Last modified on November 3, 2023

   sdm admin clouds update - update one or more clouds

   sdm admin clouds update command [command options] [arguments...]

   aws                      update AWS cloud
   awsConsole               update AWS Management Console cloud
   awsConsoleStaticKeyPair  update AWS Management Console (Static key pair) cloud
   azure                    update Azure (Password) cloud
   azurecert                update Azure (Certificate) cloud
   gcp                      update GCP cloud
   snowsight                update Snowsight (Snowflake Web Console) cloud

   --file value, -f value  load from a JSON file
   --stdin, -i             load from stdin
   --filter value          filter e.g. 'field:name tag:key=value ...'
   --filters-help          show valid filter strings and examples
   --filter-json value     path to JSON based filter
   --tags value            tags e.g. 'key=value,...'
   --delete-tags value     delete-tags e.g. 'key,...'
   --timeout value         set time limit for command
   --help, -h              show help