Last modified on November 3, 2023

   sdm admin rdp update - update RDP server

   sdm admin rdp update [command options] [arguments...]

   --bind-interface value       bind interface (default: "")
   --delete-tags value          delete-tags e.g. 'key,...'
   --downgrade-nla-connections  Note: when downgraded, StrongDM cannot verify usernames and passwords for Remote Desktop connections
   --egress-filter value        apply filter to select egress nodes e.g. 'field:name tag:key=value ...'
   --filter value               filter e.g. 'field:name tag:key=value ...'
   --filter-json value          path to JSON based filter
   --filters-help               show valid filter strings and examples
   --hostname value             
   --id value                   datasource id
   --lock-required              Require a resource lock to access the resource to ensure it can only be used by one user at a time.
   --name value                 datasource name
   --password value             (secret)
   --port value                 (default: 0)
   --port-override value        port profile override (default: -1)
   --subdomain value            This will be used as your local DNS address. (e.g. app-prod1 would turn into app-prod1.<your-org-name>.sdm.network)
   --tags value                 tags e.g. 'key=value,...'
   --timeout value              set time limit for command
   --username value             (secret)

For more information on the use of filters in the CLI, see the Filters documentation.