sdm admin users reinstate

Last modified on June 5, 2024

   sdm admin users reinstate - reinstate a user by email address and role

   sdm admin users reinstate [command options] <email|id>

   --cascade, -c             cascade the suspension to the linked API keys
   --permission-level value  The permission level at which to reinstate a user. Does not apply to service accounts.
   --filter value            filter e.g. 'field:name tag:key=value ...'
   --filters-help            show valid filter strings and examples
   --timeout value           set time limit for command

Example Usage

When using this CLI command to reinstate a user, you must specify the desired permission level for the user in the command.

Possible permission level values are:

  • administrator
  • auditor
  • database administrator
  • team leader
  • user

In the following example, Alice Glick is reinstated with the User permission level.

sdm admin users reinstate --permission-level user