sdm admin users unassign-all

Last modified on November 3, 2023

   sdm admin users unassign-all - detach a set of users from all roles

   sdm admin users unassign-all [command options] <user-email-1> [user-email-2 user-email-n...]

   --template, -t          display a JSON template
   --file value, -f value  load users from JSON file
   --stdin, -i             load from stdin
   --filter value          filter e.g. 'field:name tag:key=value ...'
   --filters-help          show valid filter strings and examples
   --filter-json value     path to JSON based filter
   --timeout value         set time limit for command

Additional Information

The --template command produces example --file or --stdin input:

	"users": [
			"id": "a-0000000000000000",
			"email": ""

Example --filter-json file:


For more information on the use of filters in the CLI, see the Filters documentation.