sdm audit web

Last modified on September 8, 2023

   sdm audit web - extracts web logs with optional support for following the live log

   sdm audit web [command options] [arguments...]

   --follow, -f                           follow live updates
   --from value                           begin timestamp
   --to value                             end timestamp
   --output value, --out value, -o value  write log to the specified filename
   --json, -j                             output as json
   --timeout value                        timeout for command (applies when --follow is not set)
   --filter value                         filter e.g. 'field:name tag:key=value ...'
   --key value, -k value                  file containing the organization private key
   --extended, -e                         show detailed information about each query
   --log, -l                              output in common log format

For more information on the use of filters in the CLI, see the Filters documentation.