Versioning Information

Last modified on May 8, 2024

This page provides general information about versioning for the StrongDM Desktop application and the CLI, including what happens if a user’s version is below the minimum supported or required version.

Version Numbering

StrongDM increments versions as follows:

  • n.0-100.0 for each release (such as 32.97.0, 32.98.0, 32.99.0, 33.0.0)
  • a.b.1 for patch releases (such as 32.97.1)
  • Releases that are not mentioned in the Release Notes are internal and therefore not described. If looking at a list of releases from a particular software, this might result in the appearance of numbers missing from the sequence, such as 32.97.0, 32.98.0, 33.2.0, 33.3.0.

How to View Version Numbers

In the CLI, users may view the current version by running sdm --version, as in the following example:

$ sdm --version
sdm version 39.79.0 (8051323ec790f342a12d738a59f624d25df9d90f #2180)

In the desktop app, the current desktop app version and CLI version are shown in the Account menu underneath your name (for example, “App: 21.33.0 | CLI: 39.79.0”).

Minimum Supported Version

The minimum supported version of the StrongDM CLI is version 33.17.0.

If below the minimum supported version, the CLI still functions but uses a deprecated authentication mechanism with a weak security profile. In addition, due to the use of the deprecated authentication mechanism, the CLI may fail to form linking or peering connections with other gateways at versions above version 33.17.0.

A warning displays in the desktop app and/or CLI if your version is below the minimum supported version.

CLI warning message

Warning: sdm-cli software version <VERSION> is beneath the minimum supported version 33.17.0

Call 'sdm update' or redownload the software to address this. Some functionality may fail while not up to date

Desktop app warning message

“CLI software version is below the minimum supported version. Some functionality may fail.”

Minimum Required Version

The minimum required version is the version, if any, that your organization’s administrator(s) specify as the minimum required version for use. The default value is “no minimum.”


If the CLI version is below the minimum required version, all non-essential operations are explicitly blocked until the CLI is updated, and an error message is displayed in the CLI or desktop app.

CLI error message

Your SDM version <VERSION> is beneath your team's minimum required version: <REQUIRED_VERSION>. Please update to proceed.

Desktop app error message

“CLI software version is below minimum required version. CLI will not function until updated to <REQUIRED_VERSION> or higher.”

If the CLI is beneath the minimum supported required version, we recommend that you run the sdm update CLI command. Then check the version by running sdm --version.

If the desktop app is below the minimum required version, follow the instructions given in the desktop app’s update required message. Then check the CLI version in the desktop app’s Account menu.

If the update fails, redownload and install the appropriate StrongDM package for your operating system.