Last modified on September 27, 2022

This section is designed to guide you through deploying strongDM. You can choose to follow our AWS Quick Start Guide, which uses an AWS EC2 instance to host your strongDM gateway.

Quick Start Guide

Alternatively, you can choose from the individual installation guides in this section to customize your deployment.

Choose a gateway. If you’re trialing strongDM the simplest deployment options are the EC2 and Linux deployments.

Once your gateway is live–if you have not already–add a couple of resources to your account. Here are a few common options to help you get started.




Next, add additional users to your strongDM organization.

Optionally, strongDM supports a wide range of SSO providers. Below are just a couple of our options.

Lastly, for long term storage and auditing purposes, you may export your strongDM records to the Log Aggregator of your choice.

At this point your strongDM organization should have all the basics configured. Should you need assistance or have questions feel free to drop us an email at

Installation Guides