This document details the steps to set up Auth0 SSO to manage authentication for strongDM.

  1. Create application: Click “Create Application”. Name the application “strongDM” and select “Regular Web Applications.”

    "Create application"

  2. Configure application: If you are prompted to select a technology to integrate with, click “Skip Integration.” Then under the settings tab, enter the following information:
    • Allowed Callback URLs:
    • Allowed Web Origins:

    "Configure application"

  3. Capture client ID and client secret: In the “Basic Information” section, note the Client ID and Client Secret fields. You will need these values in the next step.

    "Client ID and client secret"

  4. Enter the account details in strongDM: In the strongDM app, go to “Settings” -> Authentication, choose Auth0 from the drop down menu and add your URL (https://<yourorg>, ClientID, and Client Secret. (Be sure to include the https:// in the “Single Sign-On URL” field.)

    "Configure Auth0 in strongDM"

  5. Confirm Auth0 access: Back at Auth0, confirm that the email addresses for all users are identical in both strongDM and your SSO. Confirm that all users to whom you intend to grant database access have access to the strongDM application by default.

At this point, you should be ready to enable SSO.

If any errors occur or if the integration fails in any way, please contact for assistance.