1. Create an application: Within the Azure admin UI, select App registrations then New application registration. Provide a descriptive name and specify if you want this app to span across multiple directories.

    "Azure add app"

  2. Overview: Save the Application ID: Take note of the application ID—we will use this in a later step.

    "Application ID"

  3. Branding: Save publisher domain: Take note of the publisher domain for later use and add as the home URL. Remember to press Save.

    "Publisher Domain"

  4. Authentication: Specify redirect URI: Select Add a platform, then Web, and add when prompted for a URI. Once complete it should resemble the screenshot below.

    "Redirect URI"

  5. Secrets: Create key: Click New client secret, provide a descriptive name and copy the value for later use.

    "Client Secret Value"

  6. strongDM: Add Single Sign-on:
    1. Back in the strongDM GUI, navigate to “Settings”Authentication
    2. Press click to make changes and select Azure from the drop-down
    3. Add Single sign-on URL:<Publisher Domain>
    4. Add Client ID: Application ID
    5. Add Client Secret: Client Secret value
    6. Select general SSO settings and click activate

    "SDM Auth Page"

  7. If any errors occur or if the integration fails in any way, please contact for assistance.