You already use your SSO to conveniently manage permissions to applications; now you can also use it to manage permissions to your datasources following these simple steps.

  1. Enable API access: From the Google Admin console, navigate to the “Security” tab. Under “API reference”, enable API access.

    "Google Admin""API Reference"

  2. Create an API project: Navigate to and create a new project.

    "API project""API Details"

  3. Configure OAuth Consent Screen: Click on OAuth consent screen and fill in the fields as follows:

    "Consent screen"

    • Application type: Internal
    • Application name: strongDM
    • Authorized domains:
    • Application homepage link:
  4. Create OAuth Client ID: From create an Oauth Client ID as shown.

    "Configure credentials"

  5. Provide Details: From provide Application Type, Name, and Authorized URLs as shown.

    "Provide client details"

  6. Record the Client Secret: From Save the Client Secret and Client ID as shown, you’ll need it in the next steps.

    "Record client secret"

  7. Enter the account details in strongDM: In the stronDM app, go to “Settings” -> Authentication, choose Google from the drop down menu and add your URL, Client ID, and Client Secret as shown.

    "Configure Google in strongDM"

  8. If any errors occur or if the integration fails in any way, please contact for assistance.