sdm - the strongDM proxy daemon and CLI

   sdm command [command options] [arguments...]

     admin       administrative commands
     audit       administrative audit commands
     connect     connect to named database
     crypto      helps manipulating encryption activities
     disconnect  disconnect a named database
     doctor      check your system for potential problems. Doctor exits with a non-zero status if any problems are found.
     lock        lock yourself out
     login       authenticate to server
     logout      logout and remove local credentials
     ports       manage port overrides
     profile     apply an sdm profile
     relay       listen for node connections
     ssh         connect to an SSH server
     status      list available datasources and their connection status
     unlock      unlock yourself in
     help, h     Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --admin-token value  authenticate using an admin token or sevice account [$SDM_ADMIN_TOKEN]
   --help, -h           show help
   --version, -v        print the version