May 2022 Release Notes

What's New from May 2022


  • Configurable Port Overrides. Enabled port overrides to be configured for SSH resources in SDKs.


  • Tooltips and Tables. Improved the way tooltips and tables are rendered in the Admin UI.
  • Healthcheck Icons. Made UI improvements to healthcheck icons, which are now animated.
  • Snowflake Setup. Updated Snowflake configuration in the Admin UI to no longer require certain fields.
  • Tags on Resources. Made usability improvements by changing the rendering of tags on resources in the Admin UI.
  • Search and Filter Error Messages. Improved error messages for invalid searches with filters in the Admin UI.
  • Error Pages. Updated images shown on some error pages in the Admin UI.
  • Behavior When Reaching Rate Limits. Updated the SDKs and Terraform provider to sleep by default when they exceed their rate limits until their rate limit has reset.


  • Logout Upon Refresh. Fixed bugs with refresh behavior in the Admin UI where users were sometimes logged out on refresh.
  • Display of Connected Resources. Fixed a bug where a relay's connected resources did not appear in the Admin UI.
  • Accounts Search Results Behavior. Fixed a bug in the Accounts tags drop-down filter in the Admin UI, where accounts with no roles failed to return accurate search results.
  • "Last Checked" Information. Fixed a bug where some resource healthchecks didn't update the displayed date and time of the last healthcheck in the Admin UI.
  • Clouds Documentation Link. Fixed the link to documentation from the Admin UI Clouds page.
  • TCP Resource Types Not Being Cloned. Fixed a bug where legacy TCP resource types were unable to be cloned in the Admin UI.
  • Port Overrides Not Being Specified. Fixed a bug where certain valid ports were not allowed to be specified for port overrides.
  • SSH Directory Not Being Created. Fixed a bug where the ~/.ssh directory was not created if it was missing when running the sdm ssh config command in the CLI.
  • Port Binding Issue. Resolved an issue of broken port binding logic.
  • Security Update. Added a security update.
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