2023 Release Notes

Last modified on January 23, 2023

January 15, 2023


  • Secret Store Type Names. Updated the names of secret store types to reflect the services they represent more accurately.


  • Resource Update Sync. Fixed an issue that caused updates to resource information made in the Admin UI and CLI not to be reflected immediately in the desktop app.
  • Resource Name Display. Fixed an issue that caused resource names to flash when resizing the browser window on the resource view in the Admin UI.
  • Table String Display. Fixed an issue that caused long strings in tables to behave erratically at a particular screen size in the Admin UI.
  • Order of Activity Logs. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Admin UI to display activities logged at the same time in the wrong logical order (for example, “failed login” displayed after a “successful login”).
  • Admin UI Navigation Menu. Fixed an issue in the Admin UI navigation accordion menu that caused it to expand incorrectly.
  • Combobox Keyboard Interactions. Fixed combobox keyboard interactions for accessibility in the Admin UI.