August 2020 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from August 2020


  • Terraform provider: The official strongDM Terraform provider is now available for Terraform version 0.12 and up. The provider allows you to configure your infrastructure in strongDM as you deploy it. Create, modify, and delete servers, databases, clusters, gateways, websites, users, roles, and access grants.


  • Driver performance: Upgraded drivers for several datasources to improve overall performance, including HTTP, Kubernetes, DB2i, DB2 LUW, Cassandra, Druid, DynamoDB, Elastic, Memcached, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Presto, SSH, Sybase, Redis, Terradata, BigQuery, and Snowflake.
  • Health Checks: Improved datasource healthchecks to properly account for changes in connection status.


  • Updating Issue: Corrected the update system for relays and unauthenticated users so they can receive updates.
  • Broken Link: Fixed broken download link for Linux gateway binaries.
  • Password Reset Issue: Fixed deep link support conflicting with password resets.
  • RDP Replay Issue: Fixed issues with RDP replays not rendering consistently.
  • Terraform Issue: Fixed issue with Terraform provider auto-download in 0.13.