October 2020 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from October 2020


  • Kubernetes in Admin UI: Kubernetes clusters will no longer appear in the Servers page in the Admin UI. Instead, they now will appear in the Clusters page which is listed in the navigation sidebar.


  • Terraform Binary: The Terraform provider binary is now statically compiled by default, which makes it compatible with containers such as the HashiCorp official container and other Alpine-based containers.
  • SDM Update: Changed update behavior for relays so that relays automatically update on restart. The sdm update command will only be used to update strongDM on your local machine going forward.
  • Trial Signups:
    • If a user attempts to redeem a trial code that has already been redeemed, they will now be redirected to the login page with a message explaining what happened.
    • Signing up with an organization name or email subdomain that already exists will similarly trigger a more helpful response.
    • Trial organizations can now have a wider range of emoji appended to their names!
    • Notification emails are now sent to the team when a trial code is generated and sent, not just when something goes wrong or a trial is redeemed.
  • Look and Feel: UI was updated to match the strongDM branding in both the Admin UI and the GUI.
  • Logging: Added tags to datasource audit trails.
  • Missing Replays: Improved error messaging around missing SSH replays. Added handling for replays interrupted by dropped SSH sessions.


  • SSH (Certificate Based) Healthcheck: Fixed bug in healthchecks which was encountered in some SSH (Certificate Based) resources.
  • Composite Roles: Resources granted via composite roles will now appear in a user’s GUI without requiring them to log out and then log back in. Additionally, temporary grants are now correctly revoked when a resource is granted via a composite role.
  • Kubernetes Audit: The sdm audit k8s command will now consistently include missing fields when using the -f flag.
  • Kubernetes Session Replays: Fixed a bug that was sometimes encountered when paging through Kubernetes session replays, when a large number of those sessions existed.
  • Timestamps: Fixed timestamps when auditing to be in proper date time string format.