December 2020 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from December 2020


  • Grants: Added new “Grants” category for permissions when creating admin tokens and API keys (Create, List, Delete). This will allow more fine-grained delegation of powers related to resource access Grants.
  • Relative Time Options: Added support for relative time options in audit commands (i.e. sdm audit activities --from=30d --to=10d).


  • MFA Settings Validation: Improved data validation when updating MFA settings.
  • Log Availability: Clarified language around query log availability for high volume users.
  • Help Text: Improved help text for some CLI commands.
  • API Key Permissions: Clarified some descriptive text around edit permissions when creating API keys.
  • GUI Notifications: Reduced noisy notifications when a user with temporary access Grants unlocks their GUI.


  • Display Bug: Fixed a display bug in GUI header display when the version number was too long.