January 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from January 2021


  • Release Notes: Release notes are now officially available!
  • Terraform Quick Start: Created an example Terraform quick start file that allows you to create resources and/or test them quickly, and can also be customized to use with your own infrastructure.
  • CLI Access for DBAs: Added the ability for users with the DBA permission level to use CLI commands under the sdm admin branch that correspond with their abilities in the Admin UI.
  • K8s Debugging Support: Added support for logging and auditing of Kubernetes sessions from kubectl debug command.
  • Session ID Column: Added a button for SSH replays in the Admin UI that copies the session ID to the clipboard. This can then be used when auditing via the CLI.
  • AWS Authentication: Extended support for assuming Role ARN to all eligible AWS resources (DynamoDB, Athena, AmazonES). Also added support for passing External ID (along with assuming Role ARN).


  • Gateway Stability: Improved gateway resilience and recovery during incidents caused by misconfigured gateways.
  • Improved Client Connectivity: We now prune stale gateways from the client to improve connection success rate.
  • Terraform Configuration: Improved Terraform provider to handle new line breaks in API Access Key and Secret Key fields.
  • Improved Error Messaging: Provided a more informative error message when a resource is only accessible by an isolated relay, or when trying to create a datasource with a duplicate name.
  • SSH Keep-Alive: We now forward keepalive@openssh.com requests through our ssh proxy.
  • CLI UX: The sdm status CLI command now organizes all resources by their specific type.
  • Replays: Improved SSH session replays so that custom formatting in a replay is cleaned up after it finishes.


  • Parent Org Admin UI: Fixed a bug where admins that were suspended disappeared from the Admin UI.
  • Website Subdomain: Fixed a bug where use of uppercase in a website resource subdomain would cause errors.
  • Permissions: Fixed a mismatch with API permissions required to list account attachments.
  • Temporary Access Grants: Fixed a bug with setting dates while granting temporary access in the Admin UI.
  • Website Access: Fixed a bug where users with the DBA permission level could not access some websites through the Admin UI.
  • Presto Password Field: Fixed a bug where Presto resources required a password that was not actually needed.
  • Port Overrides in Admin UI: Fixed port overrides sorting and editing issues in Admin UI.
  • Windows Client Sleep/Wake Bug: Fixed a bug where occasionally a device would have issues connecting to strongDM after the device wakes from sleep.
  • GUI Log Rotation: Fixed a bug where GUI logs would occasionally grow too large.