February 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from February 2021


  • New Audit Options: Added encryption and replay support to SSH and Kubernetes audit commands.


  • Improved UX for Adding Datasources: You can now search and filter existing datasources while adding a new datasource in the Admin UI.
  • New User Indicator: Added the “New User” indicator to user list in the Admin UI. This will show up when a new user signs up and has yet to be given any access or roles.


  • Datasource Listing: Fixed bug in displaying of resources with list permission.
  • Deleted Organizations: Fixed bug where some users trying to join their organization ended up in a defunct version of the organization.
  • Bug with ssh_config: Fixed bug that could occur in the ssh_config file when not connected to anything.
  • SSO Provider Switching: Fixed a bug with the form that sometimes occurred when switching SSO provider used for authentication.
  • MFA Settings: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused MFA settings to become invalidated when updating SSO or self registration settings.