March 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from March 2021


  • New Resource Type. Added a new SSH resource type, Customer-Managed Key, which allows you to provide your own private key and store it with strongDM.
  • New Driver Support. Added support for the Raw TCP driver. Note that logging for Raw TCP only counts transferred bytes, not traffic details.


  • Auditing. Added user and resource tags to query logs when auditing with the --extended/-e option.
  • Support Chat for Trials. Added a chat with support button in the Admin UI for trial users.
  • Toast Alerts. Added toast alerts when performing Create, Update, Clone, or Delete operations on resources.
  • UI Improvement. Added a more obvious button for rotating Admin keys/tokens.


  • GUI Refactor. Refactored strongDM GUI to improve stability and fix occasional connection problems with the listener. This should alleviate issues where network connections are lost and regained, or issues resulting from long periods of inactivity.
  • Screen Scrolling Bug. Fixed minor bug in Admin UI to ensure screen scrolls to correct position after adding new resources.
  • Admin UI Crash. Fixed Admin UI crash that sometimes occurred if an error was received during SSH replay.
  • Tokens During Suspension. Fixed issue where tokens could not be properly preserved when suspending a user.
  • Website Resources. Fixed bug some users encountered when trying to create website resources.
  • Tooltip Text. Fixed truncation of tooltip text in Admin UI.
  • macOS Client Bug. Fixed issue with client sometimes sticking to macOS dock.
  • macOS Client Quit Options. The strongDM client now properly closes on macOS with Command-Q or when using the SDM > Quit menu option.
  • Log File Size. Fixed bug that could allow some GUI logs to become larger than 10 MB.