April 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from April 2021


  • Secret Stores Support. Added public beta support for third-party Secret Stores. Secret Stores allow you to have credentials stored in your existing third-party secrets manager. These credentials are used by your gateways to authenticate with resources, and they are never stored anywhere on strongDM infrastructure. Included in the initial beta release are the following options:
  • Cloud Resources. Added public beta support for the resource type “Clouds.” Cloud resource drivers allow you to administer your cloud environment through strongDM. AWS is the first example of this new resource type, with more to come in the future. With your AWS Cloud resource set up in strongDM, you can use the AWS CLI to administer your cloud just like you always have, but now with the access controls and auditing that you use with your other strongDM resources (configuration guide for AWS Cloud).
  • New Trial Experience. We launched a new product trial experience that includes a guided tour of the features and capabilities of strongDM. This tour gives you the opportunity to get started right away with pre-made demo resources that you can directly interact with and use to discover the potential of strongDM.


  • Remember Me. Added “Remember my Email” option for Admin UI and GUI login.
  • Displayed Gateway/Relay Versions. The Diagnostics tab of Gateways/Relays in the Admin UI now displays the version of the installed Gateway/Relay package.
  • Displayed Resource Timestamps. The Diagnostics tab of resources in the Admin UI now displays the time that the resource was created, as well as the time when it was last modified.
  • Healthy/Unhealthy Resource Filter. Whenever a resources page in the Admin UI has more than 12 resources listed, the dropdown for filtering that appears will now allow filtering on Healthy or Unhealthy resources.
  • Online/Offline Gateway/Relay Filter. Added the ability to filter between online and offline Gateways/Relays in the Admin UI.
  • Reorganized Form Fields for EKS. In the Admin UI, the page for adding or editing an EKS cluster is now rearranged, with the Assume Role AWS-specific fields now grouped at the bottom.
  • Contact Support Subject Autofill. Clicking the Contact Support button in the Admin UI now creates an email. The subject of the email is automatically populated with information about where you were in the Admin UI when you asked for help.
  • Added MS SQL Server 2017 Compatibility. Added compatibility for Microsoft SQL Server 2017.
  • Added Syslog Support. Added syslog support for local logging on Gateways/Relays. It follows the same rules as the Raw TCP log emitter.