May 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from May 2021


  • Grant Temporary Access with Specific Time Zones. Added a time zone selector to the Grant Temporary Access to Datasources tab in the Admin UI, allowing customers to choose times based on the selected time zone.
  • Clouds Section. Added the Clouds section to the Admin UI and the sdm admin clouds subtree in the CLI to allow for management of Cloud resources.


  • Enhanced Admin UI Performance for Role and Permission Updates. Improved performance in the Admin UI when updating permissions within Roles.
  • Gateway Improvements. Improved the stability of Gateways run in short-lived Kubernetes instances.
  • Streamlined Client Download. Optimized the size of the strongDM Client, making for a smaller download.
  • HTTP Subdomain Description. Added help text describing the usage of the HTTP Subdomain field in the Admin UI and CLI.
  • Speedier Queries. Reduced latency experienced when making very large dataset queries.
  • Permissions During API Key Creation. In the Admin UI, added permissions options for Secret Stores when creating API keys.
  • Terraform Quick Start. Reintroduced the Terraform quick start guide to the welcome page of the Admin UI in a new format.
  • Kubernetes Icon Refresh. Updated the Kubernetes-related icons in the Admin UI.


  • Resource Tags. Fixed an issue where tags on resources could be lost during mass updates of resources.
  • Cloud Logs. Fixed an issue in which Cloud logs incorrectly showed an error in the Admin UI in cases where encryption or local logging was turned on.
  • Token Creation with Secret Stores. Fixed an issue where tokens could not be created with Secret Stores selected in the Admin UI.
  • Temporary Access to Datasources. Ensured that Cloud and Cluster types are correctly separate in the Grant Temporary Access to Datasource modal in the Admin UI.
  • CLI Help Text. Fixed the CLI help text for the sdm admin clouds command screen.
  • Date/Time Field. Fixed a Temporary Access bug where the “start from” date/time field wouldn’t always work.