June 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from June 2021


  • Secret Stores Management Via the CLI. Enabled the ability to manage Secret Stores through the CLI.


  • Admin User Permissions. Changed allowed operations so that admin users can only be updated, suspended, deleted, or have their passwords reset by other admins.
  • Detailed Resource Type Names in Audit Logs. Improved audit logs so they display a more detailed and accurate resource type name (e.g., “EKS” instead of “Kubernetes”).
  • New Permission for Admin Token Creation. Added a new “initiate password reset” permission when creating admin tokens to specifically control access to that power.
  • Base64 Encoding Support for CLI. Allowed the use of Base64-encoded files in the CLI operations that target Kubernetes clusters.


  • Admin UI Password Reset Redirect. Fixed a small bug where users trying to reset their passwords were sent to the Admin UI Login page instead.
  • Admin Token Creation. Fixed a bug where admins could not create admin tokens in the Admin UI because of Secret Stores permissions.
  • Resource Submission. Fixed a rare bug on form validation that prevented new resources and updates to resources from being submitted within the Admin UI.
  • Role Permissions in Large Orgs. Fixed a bug in large organizations where role permissions in the Admin UI sometimes wouldn’t update unless there was a hard refresh.
  • Display of Recent Activities. Fixed a bug in activities, cloud logs, web logs, and SSH Capture pages where recent items wouldn’t appear in the Admin UI due to a time zone offset error.
  • EKS Cluster Access. Fixed an issue with accessing EKS clusters.
  • AssumeRoleARN Usage. Fixed usage of AssumeRoleARN with EKS resources.