July 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from July 2021


  • TCP Connection Resource. Released the TCP Connection resource, which allows the addition of any resource that uses TCP connections, even those that are not explicitly supported by strongDM yet.
  • Log Export Container. Released the Log Export Container to the public Code Garden. This Docker image gives you the ability to stream strongDM logs to the destination of your choice, such as Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3, and others.
  • SSH Customer-Managed Key. The SSH Customer-Managed Key resource type is now generally available. With this type, you can provide your own private key to be used by SSH resources.
  • Audit the Health of Gateways/Relays. In the CLI, added the sdm audit relays set of commands, which allow you to look at various elements of the health of your gateways/relays directly.


  • Improved Fuzzy Matching in Admin UI Search. Improved the fuzzy matching in the Admin UI search for resources so that it uses full search terms.


  • Wrong Landing Page in Admin UI. Fixed an Admin UI bug that caused users to land on the wrong page when they had not deep linked into the app.
  • Copying Empty Files to/from S3. Fixed a bug in the AWS CLI driver to allow for copying empty files from the local machine to S3 (or from S3 to elsewhere).
  • Start Time in Temporary Access Calendar. Fixed a bug where the start time is set to 12 a.m. when clicking Today in the Temporary Access modal calendar.