August 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from August 2021


  • Filter Resources by Port Overrides. Added the ability to filter resources by their port override number.
  • Remember Login Emails. Added the SDM_EMAIL environment variable. If set, this email will be automatically used for authentication when you log in to strongDM from the CLI.


  • Reduced Validity Period for Gateway Certificates. Changed the validity period of certificates generated on Gateways to one year (down from three years).
  • Version Headers. Updated our Terraform Provider and all strongDM SDKs to send out version headers.
  • Listener Status in CLI. Updated sdm status so that running the command will now notify you if the listener is not running.
  • Kubernetes Driver Healthcheck Namespace. Made the healthcheck namespace field in Kubernetes drivers required and prepopulated.


  • Logging and Encryption Settings. Fixed a bug that prevented multiple logging and encryption settings from being updated at the same time.
  • Kubernetes Log Details. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented full details of Kubernetes logs from displaying in the Admin UI.
  • Temporary Access Modal. Fixed a bug in the Temporary Access modal that could lock up the interaction when the start/end date was deleted.
  • SSH Replays Crash. Fixed an Admin UI crash experienced by some users on the SSH Replays page.
  • Local Client Creation. Fixed a bug that could sometimes result in runaway creation of active strongDM local clients.
  • GUI Improvements. Fixed a bug that caused the GUI to incorrectly show MFA timeout errors and enter a login error state after five seconds.
  • CLI Help Text. Fixed various help text typos in the CLI.