September 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from September 2021


  • Amazon MQ and RabbitMQ Resources. Added support for Amazon MQ and RabbitMQ resources.
  • Elastic Support. Added support for resources hosted on
  • Cassandra Native Protocol Support. Added support for Apache Cassandra native protocols version 3 through version 5.


  • Required Kubernetes Fields. Made the Healthcheck Namespace field required for Kubernetes resources. Newly created, cloned, and updated Kubernetes resources will now have the healthcheck namespace prepopulated with the default.
  • Detailed Diagnostics. Added more information to the Diagnostics tab for resources when all Gateways and Relays are offline or when no Gateways exist.
  • See All the Commands. Made full CLI command trees visible to all users. If a user doesn’t have access to a given command, they will receive a you do not have permission to perform this action error.
  • Cluster Scoping Support. Added support for cluster-specific scoping of Kubernetes commands.


  • Non-SSO User Creation. Fixed an issue where organizations did not have the option to create new non-SSO users when they should have.
  • Firefox Form Submission. Fixed a double form submission error that occurred in Firefox when new users were added in the Admin UI.
  • Website Resource Form Labels. Fixed the form label for Website resources to be Auth Type instead of Server Type.
  • Healthcheck-Related Crash. Fixed an occasional crash when trying to healthcheck resources in the Diagnostics tab.
  • Safari Page Loading Issue. Fixed an issue where HTTPS websites did not load in Safari.