October 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from October 2021


  • Access Rules and Multi-role Membership open beta. Released the open beta for Multi-role Membership, Access Rules, and IdP User Provisioning.


  • Faster Admin UI Page Loading. Improved load times of the Admin UI by removing duplicate calls.
  • Improved Healthchecks. Made the healthcheck status on new resources more responsive so they successively indicate a healthy connection as soon as they connect to an existing node.
  • Logging Limits. Limited the number of log rows to 4,500 in the Admin UI. This change applies to SSH replays, RDP replays, Web logs, and Cloud logs. There is no change to CLI sdm audit commands or Amazon S3 storage of queries.
  • Snazzier Links. Enhanced Admin UI link colors with a prettier shade of blue.
  • Ruby SDK Gemspec Updates. Updated the Ruby SDK gemspec to require Ruby 2.4 or greater and gRPC 1.36 or greater.
  • Terraform Tag Examples. Updated Terraform Registry docs with info on how to use resource tags.


  • GUI Menu Display. Fixed an issue with the macOS GUI where the full menu frame was clipped.
  • Clouds Typo. Fixed a typo on the Admin UI Clouds page, where there was a reference to “Websites” instead of “Clouds.”
  • Temporary Access Error. Fixed an issue where the Admin UI would incorrectly present an error when granting temporary access to a resource to which a different user already had temporary access.
  • Datasource Encrypted Fields. Fixed an issue with the Admin UI Datasources page so that it will now properly indicate when encrypted file upload fields have been set to a non-empty value by Terraform, an API, or SDK user. This fix only applies to updates done after this release is deployed. Encrypted fields that were set via Terraform prior to this release will still show as empty in the Admin UI.