December 2021 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from December 2021


  • Additional Search and Filter Functionality in the Admin UI. Added the ability to filter Users based on tag(s) in the Search field (e.g., find Users by entering tags such as env=prod, region=us-east-1, or region=*).
  • New Resource Types. Released Kubernetes (User Impersonation), DocumentDB, and Neptune resource types.


  • GUI Enhancements. Ensured that every resource in the GUI now contains an icon and caption.
  • Results Counter. Added count of results to the headers of the User’s Roles in all Infrastructure sections of the Admin UI.
  • Infrastructure Search and Filter Functionality. Added Admin UI search and filter functionality to the Infrastructure sections of the Admin UI.
  • Button to Delete Access Rules. Added a button in the Admin UI to delete Access Rules without having to open the Access Rules Editor.


  • Access Rules Management. Fixed a bug where Access Rules that applied to more than 5,000 resources could not be deleted.