February 2022 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from February 2022


  • Access Overhaul Generally Available. Released Access Overhaul features. If you are interested in any of the following features, please contact your Customer Success Manager:
    • Bulk operations functionality on Users in the Admin UI
    • The ability to search and filter Users based on temporary access, Role Membership, status, type, Permission Level, and tags
    • The ability to search and filter Roles based on Role name and tags
    • Multi-role Membership
    • Access Rules
    • IdP User provisioning
  • Secret Stores Generally Available. Released the following Secret Store integrations: AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, GCP Secret Manager, and HashiCorp Vault.
  • MongoDB Support. Added MongoDB 5.0 support.
  • Auto Renewal of Vault Tokens. Added support for periodic automatic renewal of HashiCorp Vault tokens. The rate at which tokens are renewed is controlled using the LEASE_RENEWAL_TTL environment variable.


  • Activities Logs Icons. Added new icons to the Admin UI’s Activities logs table.
  • Improved Security. Increased the hashing algorithm work factor to improve security standards.
  • Cloned Datasources and Tags. Updated cloning functionality so that cloning a Datasource also clones its tags, both in the CLI and the Admin UI.
  • Improved Temporary Access Tab in Admin UI. Updated the Temporary Access tab in the Admin UI’s User Details page to be a paginated table.
  • Faster Temporary Access Grants. Enhanced the Grant Temporary Access action on the Admin UI’s Users page to open a modal directly rather than redirect to the User Details page.
  • Visible Resources. Updated the Temporary Access modal in the Admin UI to show only Resource categories that have existing Resources present.
  • Improved SSH Config File Generation. Improved how sdm ssh config handles multiple Resources with the same hostname.
  • Secret Store Assignments. Changed the way that certain Resources can be assigned to Secret Stores. Resource types that do not use credential fields (Neptune, Memcached, HTTP (no auth), and Raw TCP) no longer can be assigned a Secret Store, even if the disable strongDM secret store setting is enabled. Existing instances of these Resources with Secret Stores will continue to work. At least one Secret Store must be configured before the disable strongDM secret store option can be enabled.


  • Team Leaders Adding Users to Role. Fixed a bug where Users with the Team Leader Permission Level could not add Users to their Role.
  • Activate Port Forwarding Per Server. Fixed a bug so the activate SSH port forwarding for all servers option in the Admin UI now works as expected.
  • SSH Connections to non-strongDM SSH Resources. Fixed a bug where Users could attempt to run the sdm ssh command to connect to non-strongDM SSH Resources.
  • Resource Management in the Admin UI. Fixed a bug where Resources could not have their type changed via the Admin UI.