April 2022 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022

What’s New from April 2022


  • Cloud Support Generally Available. Released support for Azure and GCP Clouds.
  • New Datasource Types Generally Available. Released Db2i, Db2 LUW, PostgreSQL (mTLS), and Teradata Datasource types.
  • Audit Clouds in the CLI. Added the sdm audit cloud CLI command.
  • Run Terraform in the CLI. Added the sdm terraform CLI command, allowing admins to run Terraform operations with their current login information.


  • Password (path) Field. Changed the Password (path) field name attribute to credentialPath to make Admin UI pages more friendly with password managers.
  • SSH Replays. Made SSH replays in the Admin UI fit better to handle terminal sessions of all sizes.
  • RDP Replays. Ensured that RDP replays can be played back in the Admin UI in web browsers.
  • Secret Stores. Improved the user experience for Secret Store integrations.
  • Elasticsearch Username Field. Made the Username field optional when creating or updating Elasticsearch resources in the Admin UI.
  • Admin UI Gateways. Updated the Gateways page of the Admin UI to be more usable.
  • User Last Names. Added support for single-character last names in the Admin UI.
  • Role Deletion Timeouts. Increased the timeout for Role deletion operations in the Admin UI to support larger numbers of Users.
  • Deleted Tokens in Activities. Changed the way Activity logs display deleted API or SCIM tokens.
  • Healthcheck Indicator Icon. Changed the Admin UI and GUI icon that indicates when a Datasource is not yet healthchecked.
  • PostgreSQL (mTLS) in the GUI. Grouped PostgreSQL (mTLS) resources under the appropriate Database type header in the GUI.
  • sdm audit. Made the order of fields returned by sdm audit ... -j more consistent with the results of other commands in the CLI.
  • SCIM Provisioning. Implemented SCIM firewalls on provisioning endpoints for Okta and Azure AD.
  • TLS Certificate Rotation. Updated TLS certificates so they are rotated about two weeks before they expire.


  • Optional Secret Store Fields. Fixed a bug to allow Secret Stores to be added in the Admin UI with empty values for optional fields, such as Namespace or CA Certificate Path.
  • Tooltips. Fixed a bug where, when using the Admin UI, tooltips caused memory leak warnings.
  • Resource Tags. Fixed a bug that occurred when viewing and updating Tags on Servers, Websites, and Clusters in the Admin UI.
  • Temporary Access Start Time. Fixed a bug in the Admin UI’s Temporary Access modal where selecting a date in the calendar would not set the start time to any earlier than now.
  • Duplicate Tags. Fixed a bug where bulk-adding Roles to multiple Users in the Admin UI caused duplicate Tags to show up in the view.
  • Static Access Rules. Fixed a bug where static Access Rules could not be edited.
  • Gateway/Relay Deletion in Two Browsers. Fixed a bug where deleting a Gateway or Relay in the Admin UI while the same page was open in another web browser did not throw a null access error.
  • Server Edits. Fixed a bug in the Admin UI where changing the resource type was no longer permissible for Servers in Edit mode.
  • Role Assignments. Fixed a bug where resources could not be added to a Role if the previous resource was deleted.
  • Relays. Fixed a bug in Relays where they were not receiving broadcasts.
  • GCP CLI Commands. Fixed a bug where certain GCP commands in the CLI could not be performed even though the Service Account had the required permissions.
  • sdm audit. Fixed a bug where the sdm audit CLI command failed when trying to reference deleted Roles.