May 2022 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022


  • Tooltips and Tables. Improved the way tooltips and tables are rendered in the Admin UI.
  • Healthcheck Icons. Made UI improvements to healthcheck icons.
  • Configurable Port Overrides. Enabled port overrides to be configured for SSH resources in SDKs.
  • Snowflake Setup. Updated Snowflake configuration in the Admin UI to no longer require certain fields.
  • Tags. Made general improvements to the resource tags in the Admin UI.
  • Search and Filter Error Messages. Improved error messages for invalid searches with filters in the Admin UI.
  • Error Pages. Updated the illustrations shown on some error pages in the Admin UI.
  • Behavior When Reaching Rate Limits. Updated the SDKs and Terraform provider to sleep by default when they exceed their rate limits until their rate limit has reset. This feature can be disabled by the client.


  • Logout Upon Refresh. Fixed bugs with refresh behavior in the Admin UI.
  • Display of Connected Resources. Fixed a bug where a relay’s connected resources did not appear in the Admin UI.
  • Accounts Search Results Behavior. Fixed a bug in the Accounts tags drop-down filter in the Admin UI, where if the account had no roles at all, the “empty” text suggested that there were no results for the search.
  • “Last Healthcheck at” Information. Fixed a bug where some resource healthchecks displayed didn’t update the date and time of the last healthcheck in the Admin UI.
  • Clouds Documentation Link. Fixed the link to documentation from the Admin UI Clouds page.
  • TCP Resource Types Not Being Cloned. Fixed a bug where legacy TCP resource types were unable to be cloned in the Admin UI.
  • RDP File Transfers Causing Gateway Crashes. Fixed a bug where some RDP file transfers could crash gateways.
  • Port Overrides Not Being Specified. Fixed a bug where certain valid ports were not allowed to be specified for port override.
  • SSH Directory Not Being Created. Fixed a bug where the ~/.ssh directory was not created if it was missing when running the sdm ssh config command in the CLI.