July 2022 Release Notes

Last modified on September 1, 2022


  • Ping Identity SSO. Added SAML support for Ping Identity single sign-on.
  • Reinstate Suspended Users From the CLI. Added the CLI command sdm admin users reinstate, which reinstates suspended users.


  • Updated Text on Users Page. Improved the user experience when the Admin UI Users page is loading.
  • Updated UX on Users Page. Added an improved indicator for when tables load data in the Admin UI.
  • Secret Store Disabling Validation. Included an additional validation related to disabling secret stores.
  • Resources Search Results Display. Improved the formatting of query results in the Admin UI.
  • Updated Clusters Form. Improved the UX design of the Add cluster form in the Admin UI.
  • Additional Non-strongDM Secret Store Validation. Added client-side validation in the Admin UI to require secret store information when the Enforce non-strongDM secret store setting is enabled.
  • Admin UI Login. Made minor UX updates to the authentication page that allows access to the Admin UI.
  • Improved Download Page. Redesigned the Admin UI’s Download & Install page for a better user experience.
  • Detailed Error Logs for Gateway/Relay Misconfiguration. Added more error logs for when a gateway or relay has local logging configured incorrectly.


  • Port Selection Correction. Fixed a bug where a Snowflake datasource (created via Terraform) selected the incorrect ports for gateway-to-resource connections.
  • Failed Trial Account Creation. Fixed a bug that caused certain trial accounts to not be created.
  • API Signature Header Vulnerability. Security updates in the API.
  • Cloud Connection Command Issue. Fixed a bug where sdm connect -all would error if already connected to a cloud resource.
  • Resources Displaying as Disconnected. Fixed a bug where sdm ready myResource would present that a resource was not connected even if it had been connected prior to the sdm ready command being entered.
  • EKS CA-Handling Issue. Fixed a bug with Certificate Authority handling that caused a UX bug in the Admin UI for EKS clusters.
  • Duplicate Cluster Names. Fixed a bug that allowed the entry of duplicate cluster names in the Admin UI.
  • Successful Response Code for Incorrect Credential. Fixed a bug in the SCIM API where HTTP response code “200” would be returned instead of “401” when attemping to use a strongDM “Admin Token” as an “Authorization: Bearer” token.
  • No Indication That Resource is Already Connected. Fixed a bug that caused sdm connect -v to not print when already connected to the target resource.