August 2022 Release Notes

Last modified on September 7, 2022


  • Vault Support for Azure Datasources. Added Vault support for authenticating Azure MySQL and Azure MariaDB datasources.
  • OneLogin SAML SSO New Features. Added support for OneLogin SAML SSO using the strongDM app in the OneLogin marketplace.
  • Monitoring and Observability New Features. Added Prometheus-style metrics endpoint functionality for relays and gateways to report on health and performance.


  • Quay Repository Links. Updated Quay repository links on the Admin UI Downloads page to be more specific.
  • Security Improvements. Made several security updates.
  • SDK Updates. Removed deprecated functionality from the SDKs.
  • Guided Tour and Favicons. Improved text displayed in the Admin UI guided tour and updated the Admin UI to use new strongDM favicons.
  • Password Reset Status. Made improvements to better indicate status on the password reset page.
  • Login and Authentication Layout. Improved the layout of the login and authentication page.
  • Port Field Validation. Added additional validation to port fields in the Admin UI.
  • OIDC SSO Target Validation. Added validation logic to require OIDC SSO targets to be responsive.
  • SSH Host Key Fingerprint. Improved reliability of SSH host key fingerprint.
  • Menu-loading Icons. Improved the display of menu-loading icons in the Admin UI.
  • Images and Illustrations. Updated illustrations for user-facing messages in the application.
  • sdm audit roles Command. Updated the sdm audit roles command to rely on access rules string field rather than legacy access rules.
  • SCIM API Additions. Added support for userName patch structure in the SCIM API.
  • Search by Tag Upgrades. Improved search functionality for tags with spaces in the Admin UI.
  • Other Tag Improvements. Made improvements to ensure we no longer display unused tags in the Admin UI.
  • Activity Logs. Updated the activity logs to use the name of the SCIM provider when SCIM actions are performed.


  • Secret Stores and Website Creation. Fixed an issue related to website resource creation failing after changing secret store types.
  • Additional Website Creation. Fixed an issue where failed website resource creation prevented users from creating additional websites.
  • Child Organization Logins. Fixed an issue preventing admins in a parent organization from logging in to a child organization.
  • Calendar Formatting. Fixed calendar formatting to be consistent across all environments.
  • Optional Ports. Fixed an issue that made optional ports in datasources required.
  • Website and Port Override Visibility. Fixed an issue that prevented DBAs from viewing website and port overrides in the Admin UI.
  • Port Overrides. Fixed an issue with calculating new ports that prevented port overrides from being enabled.
  • Cloud Type Display. Fixed an issue related to displaying cloud types on the Port Overrides page in the Admin UI.
  • Secret Store Help Text. Fixed the secret store help text to reference the relevant category for a resource.
  • Secret Store Dropdown Options. Fixed duplicated options in the Secret Store dropdown menu.
  • sdm ready Errors. Fixed an issue causing an incorrect error with the sdm ready command.
  • Session Timeout and Login Flow. Fixed an issue in the Admin UI where a session timeout did not properly restart the login flow.
  • Unresponsive Datasources Page. Fixed an issue causing the Datasources page to become unresponsive in the Admin UI.
  • Unresponsive Admin UI. Fixed an issue causing the Admin UI to become unresponsive when searching for tags under dynamic access rules for roles.
  • SSH Sessions. Fixed an issue that allowed SSH replays to keep downloading after the replay window was closed in the Admin UI.
  • Routing and Port Overrides. Fixed an issue related to routing and the Port Overrides page in the Admin UI.
  • Blank Page Display. Fixed blank page displays during logins.
  • Curl Download Options. Fixed curl download options for the Linux binary in the Admin UI.
  • Shutting Down Services. Fixed an issue related to services properly shutting down when logging is unavailable.
  • Temporary Access. Fixed an issue that prevented granting temporary access via CLI with the -force flag.