2023 Release Notes

Last modified on February 3, 2023

January 31, 2023


  • User Insights Generally Available. Increased admin productivity by providing them with metrics about their organization’s StrongDM seat usage. The new metrics—Active Seats, Inactive Seats, and Billable Seats—are displayed to StrongDM admins on the Admin UI Users page.
  • EKS Instance Profile Generally Available. Released the Elastic Kubernetes Service (instance profile) cluster type resource to all customers.


  • Resource Tag Wildcard Options. Added support for an additional wildcard option when filtering by resource tags. A blank key in the key=value tag format treats the key as a wildcard (for example, =foo is treated as *=foo).
  • Login Screens for Password Managers. Updated login-related screens to work better with 1Password and Google Password Manager.


  • Double Refresh. Fixed an issue in which refreshing the Admin UI Users page in the web browser resulted in the page being refreshed twice.
  • User Invitation in Admin UI. Fixed an issue that caused flashing error messages when inviting new users from within the Admin UI.
  • Install sdm in PATH on Windows. Fixed an issue with the desktop app Install sdm in PATH option that destructively updated the user’s PATH variable on Windows machines.
  • Website Resource Healthchecks. Fixed an issue that caused healthchecks to produce a timeout error for a website resource using a reverse proxy.
  • sdm doctor. Fixed an issue that caused the sdm doctor -v CLI command to report an incorrect latency of zero for all gateways.

January 15, 2023


  • Secret Store Type Names. Updated the names of secret store types to reflect the services they represent more accurately.


  • Resource Update Sync. Fixed an issue that caused updates to resource information made in the Admin UI and CLI not to be reflected immediately in the desktop app.
  • Resource Name Display. Fixed an issue that caused resource names to flash when resizing the browser window on the resource view in the Admin UI.
  • Table String Display. Fixed an issue that caused long strings in tables to behave erratically at a particular screen size in the Admin UI.
  • Order of Activity Logs. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Admin UI to display activities logged at the same time in the wrong logical order (for example, “failed login” displayed after a “successful login”).
  • Admin UI Navigation Menu. Fixed an issue in the Admin UI navigation accordion menu that caused it to expand incorrectly.
  • Combobox Keyboard Interactions. Fixed combobox keyboard interactions for accessibility in the Admin UI.