Basic Troubleshooting

Here are a few common errors you may encounter when running the strongDM client, and how to resolve them.

No datasources available

When: Viewing GUI or running sdm status, no datasources are available.

Where: Client GUI or CLI

What it means: You are currently not assigned access to any datasources.

What you can do: Contact your strongDM administrator to ensure you have been assigned to a role.

Client state is reconnecting

When: Opening GUI client window, you see an orange cloud icon labeled reconnecting.

Where: Client GUI

What it means: Your client is unable to reach the strongDM gateways for your organization.

What you can do: Contact your strongDM administrator to troubleshoot your network connectivity to your gateways.

Database client connection errors

When: Attempting to connect to a database results in connection failure

Where: Your usual database client

What it means: The strongDM connection to this datasource is not active.

What you can do:

  1. Ensure that the datasource is connected (green lightning bolt in the GUI, connected at the CLI).
  2. Ensure that the client is in online state in the GUI.
  3. Verify the database connection parameters in your client.

If you run into other errors, please contact your strongDM administrator or reach out directly to

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