Connect to RDP Resources

Because Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Replays are binary objects, and not typical logs, they must be kept in object storage systems (such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage, etc.) and not in logging systems (such as AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitor, Splunk, etc.) to ensure they don't get corrupted.

  1. Click on the RDP name in your GUI, or execute sdm connect [servername] at the command line.
  2. Open your RDP client (strongDM supports the Microsoft Remote Desktop client on Windows and Mac).
  3. Under 'PC Name' or the equivalent in your RDP client, enter localhost:PORT, replacing PORT with the port assigned to your RDP server in the strongDM client.
  4. Under 'User Account' or the equivalent, enter any string. This is purely for client-side validation and is not used in the authentication process.
  5. Save your connection, and then connect.

Only the most minimal of RDP settings are supported for RDP via strongDM. Trying to use advanced options or configurations may prevent replays from being rendered and played.

If you run into any issues, please contact strongDM.

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